Welcome to,  a project I am starting out of pure boredom to write about my hobbies and opinions.  I am a former Certified Volkswagen technician and currently a surgical technician by trade.  I hope to keep most of this site light hearted and spend most of my time on the "things that suck" and "things that rock" section.  I have to admit some politics will be thrown into both pages.   I hope as I learn this whole website design thing you kids are about, I can entertain my visitors. 
16 June, 2013

Finally back to working on the site and shooting again!  I just added a new rifle to the firearms section and am hoping to be adding to the site more these days.  

16 March, 2013

Found out I dont need surgery to re-repair my hand so that was some awesome news! I will be in a Splint for a while but have started on the savage 110E project.  Lightened the trigger a bit and next will be working on re-crowning the barrel and some stock shopping.   I also need to start working on the automotive section soon.

12 March, 2013

Well Sunday I may have ruptured a tendon in my hand that was repaired a bit over a year ago.  Hopefully if I do not need surgery my savage 110 project will be able to go on and I may have to have a local shop build the upper for my AR-15.   Once the AR is built I will have a Review on all the parts and work that went into it and hopefully some tack driving results!.

9 March, 2013 

I just finished my first DIY for the website.   I am having a lot of fun getting this site going but right now this is what I would like to be doing.  Unfortunately I am on my way to work soon.

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